Truly Bespoke Site for a Bespoke Tailor

Chris is a bespoke tailor based in the heart of Soho, London, UK. His clients include such legends of the film and theatre industry like Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks. A bespoke tailor needs a bespoke website.

Our Approach

In the online world, first impressions really do count. That’s why we're convinced that your website needs to show off the best you have to give. And of course, we could hardly give a bespoke tailor an off-the-shelf website, could we?
Website brief

The Team

The star team worked closely with the client to create something truly unique and memorable.

Website Design

The imagery is strikingly strong and attracts attention for all the right reasons. The main colour is purple as it has an association with luxury and there’s a grey, neutral background so that all the focus is on the threads, not the pixels..
Website design

Website design

Mooving WordPress to the Edge

You might like the imagery. You might like the storyboard approach we took. You might love the sense of animation. But the real beauty of this site is that the client can change any content he likes with our simple WordPress CMS.
WordPress CMS

Key Deliverables

Art direction / Website design / Animations & Jquery Effects
Content Management System (WordPress)
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