Automattic has raised $160 million, now valued at $1.16 billion

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Automattic (the team behind has raised a staggering $160 million of new capital to finance its growth.

Automattic’s Matt Mullenweg had this to say…

“WordPress is in a market as competitive as it has ever been, especially on the proprietary and closed side. I believe WordPress will win, first and foremost, because of its community — the hundreds of core developers and large commercial companies, the tens of thousands of plugin and theme developers, and the millions of people who build beautiful things with WordPress every day. Automattic is here to support that community and invest the full strength of our resources to making WordPress a better product every day.”

This is great news to everyone involved in the WordPress community. The new funding will accelerate WordPress’ growth and it is testimony that WordPress is well-supported and has its best years still in front of it.

Read the official announcement on Matt Mullenweg’s blog.

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