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I believe all of us have the tendency to set at least a few New Year’s resolutions each year. It might be getting in shape, saving more money, learning new skills…

New Year’s resolutions are great, they help us look back and reflect on the year that has just passed. They also make us remember things that are important to us, set new goals & schedules to achieve them.

As an agency, we have the same timeless objectives, year by year: to deliver the best service, faster turnaround time, more value to our clients, and of course, have fun in the process. These values don’t change. What evolves each year is our business to match these values.

This year, we have decided to include the responsive web design as a standard service delivered on all our new projects. It came as a recognition to the fact that websites are regularly viewed on mobile devices and every new website built in 2013 should be mobile optimised.

Since responsive web design can’t be simply added on ‘top’ of a developed website as Phase 2, websites have to be built with responsive web design in mind from day one. If they are not, they need to be designed and coded again (which costs additional time, more money and energy).

Knowing how important mobile optimised websites are & that it’s always easier, faster, more cost-effective to develop responsive websites from the beginning, we made the strategic decision to create all our new websites in 2013 with mobile optimisation as a part of the standard delivery (it used to be an add-on service in the previous years).

The responsive web design combined with our infamous 30 days free after launch support means we deliver even better value to our clients in 2013 than we did last year. A New Year’s resolution worth celebrating.

Happy responsive 2013!

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Ilona Filipi
Founder and CEO

Ilona Filipi is a Founder and Managing Director of Moove Agency - a London based web development agency that builds and supports high-performing websites and applications that make global businesses succeed in the digital world. She brings over 10 years of experience in the digital field having delivered web solutions for brands such as the BBC, O2 and Which? to name but a few.

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