Articles by Claire Hall

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Claire has 13+ years of experience across a range of areas including project management, sales and marketing. As part of our Client Services Team, Claire supports our new and existing clients with their projects.

We recently held our team retreat in London and it was great to get the whole team together to reflect on our 7th year and what we have achieved working together to deliver successful projects for our clients.
17th Apr 2017

Moove Agency’s 2017 team retreat

Every successful team needs a little downtime, and great locations and great food certainly help. But it wasn't all fun and games: the focus of our April 2017 retreat was around becoming Agile Project Management certified. It is all part of our mission to help our clients deliver change more quickly, at lower cost and with lower risk. Happily, everyone passed the exam and we all went on to pose in matching hoodies, as befits a business built on great teamwork.

7 reasons to use WordPress Multisite
14th Sep 2016

7 reasons to use WordPress Multisite

Need to make edits or upload content onto several sites of a network at once? If you're a web developer or digital content marketer, you need WordPress Multisite. How ‘multi' is it? Well, Multisite can manage a network of one or two sites to millions. Edublogs, an education blog (funnily enough), manages content for three million sites using Multisite, while WordPress itself uses the feature to host close to 37 million sites. It's safe to say Multisite has you covered.

Meet our client: Virtual reality experts, Marxent
8th Aug 2016

Meet our client: Virtual reality experts, Marxent

As part of our Meet our Client series, we'd like to introduce you to Marxent, one of our coolest customers. A leader in augmented reality and virtual reality, US-based Marxent has some mind-bendingly, eye-poppingly amazing products. Oh, and they also think working with us is great because we're ‘nimble, responsive and flexible'. Which is also cool. We caught up with Chief Marketing Officer Sonia Schechter to hear Marxent's latest news and views.

WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna
16th Jun 2016

WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna

Having conquered WordCamp London in April 2016, Moove qualified for Europe. WordCamp Europe, held in Vienna, brought together 2,200 people from 68 countries and featured 70 speakers, including our own MD, Ilona. The world of WordPress never stands still. Unless it's to hear Ilona speak about how cultivating happy teams makes for better business.