Giving back to the open-source community: Moove’s WordPress plugins

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In the spirit of giving back to WordPress and sharing our knowledge with the community, we have released several plugins recently:

#1User Activity Tracking and Log

User Activity Tracking Log WordPress Plugin

#2Post Protection and Registration Wall

Post Protection and Registration Wall WordPress Plugin

#3Import XML Feed

Import XML Feed WordPress Plugin

#4Redirect 404 to Parent

Redirect 404 to parent WordPress Plugin

#5Contact Form Check Tester

Contact Form WordPress Plugin

#6Create User With Password Multisite

Create User With Password Multisite WordPress Plugin

#7Select All Categories and Taxonomies, Change Checkbox to Radio Buttons

Select All Categories and Taxonomies, Change Checkbox to Radio Buttons WordPress Plugin

They are all on Github too so you can contribute to them anytime. We welcome any feedback and look forward to you downloading them.

This also follows the work that we’ve put into our Moove Development Kit which you can find on our Github repository.

This is a constant work in progress and we will write a full blog post about it soon!

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Ilona Filipi
Managing Director

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