Meet our client: Online course provider FutureLearn

We’re very happy to be joined by Simon Pearson to continue our new ‘Meet our client’ series. Simon is currently Head of Consumer Products at FutureLearn, an online course provider of educational courses from top universities and specialist organisations.

Initially tasked with taking over a legacy WordPress site and developing a brand new partner site for FutureLearn we have been working together since 2014.

We caught up with Simon and asked him to share some news from FutureLearn, what it’s like working with Moove and his role as Head of Consumer Products.

Quick-fire questions: About FutureLearn

Q: Give us an intro to what FutureLearn is and its mission?

A: FutureLearn is a leading social learning platform, enabling digital education through conversation. We offer free and paid for online courses and degrees from world-leading UK and international universities as well as courses from companies, centres of research excellence and specialist education providers.

FutureLearn partners with over a quarter of the world’s top universities and organisations such as Accenture, Microsoft, the British Council, European Space Agency, Houses of Parliament, Raspberry Pi and Cancer Research UK.

Q: How do you market the FutureLearn product offering?

A: Learners often find FutureLearn through word of mouth; from hearing about the great learning experiences others have had. Our partner organisations also promote their courses to learners through a variety of on-campus and online channels.

Q: What challenges do you face as Head of Consumer Products in 2017?

A: First and foremost I want to make sure we meet our learners’ needs by providing useful courses and features that enhance their experience, whilst also making sure FutureLearn is sustainable. To that end, we’ve recently opened up our product roadmap so that learners can get involved in better shaping our upcoming plans.

We’re also interested in meeting our partners’ needs in making sure the FutureLearn platform can deliver the core of their business – learning – in a highly distributed and social way.

Q: As a product person, what are your favourite sources of information that help you stay on top of the latest development trends?

A: I like the face-to-face stuff! I’m a big fan of Mind The Product, I enjoy the events the Jam folks organise and recently subscribed to the Andreesen Horowitz newsletter for a regular dose of the future.

FutureLearn & Moove

FutureLearn and Moove have been working together since 2014

Q: We have worked together since 2014, what has your experience been of working with us?

A: Working with Moove feels like a partnership; an extension of our team at FutureLearn. Communication is regular and easy, and we’ve developed tools and ways of working that are appropriate to what we need to do, which feels great.

Q: And finally, what’s next for FutureLearn?

A: We’re transforming the future of higher education!

FutureLearn's new website was delivered over four sprints in two months

Thanks Simon! Here’s to another Moove and FutureLearn collaboration!
If you’re interested you can read more about Moove & FutureLearn’s three-year partnership.


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