User Activity Tracking and Log

Track user activity & duration on your website with this incredibly powerful & easy-to-use plugin

Activity data

Our plugin records the following set of data for every user

  • Login date and time
  • Logout date and time
  • Last seen
  • Session Duration
  • Username & email (if user is logged-in)
  • User role
  • Activity
  • Page name and URL
  • IP address
  • Location (by IP Address)
  • Referrer URL

Key Features

Local Data Storage

All user data is stored locally on your website only – we do not collect or store any of your user data on our servers

GDPR / CCPA / privacy ready

No cookies are created on users computers and IP addresses can be stored in anonymized format

Time tracking

Tracks duration for both logged-in and non logged-in users

WooCommerce & LMS

Compatible with WooCommerce, online learning systems and other user registration plugins

Full of useful tools

User Tracking Features

  • Time tracking & session duration

    See the duration of user visits in the activity logs

  • Event tracking

    Setup event triggers for various actions that users take on your site (ie. click on a specific button, PDF download, mailto links and more)

  • Persmissions

    Track specific roles for example you can track logged-in users only or certain roles such as subscribers only

Advanced Features

Auto logout

Setup automatic logout for idle users to improve your analytics

Export data

Export all your data to CSV

Rest API

Utilize our rest API endpoints to export activity logs in JSON format

Don't just take our word for it...

100% Money Back Guarantee

We’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 14 days of purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Licence FAQs

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Installation & Support

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Plugin Specific

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Does the plugin track time automatically or does the user need to use some 'start / stop' button?

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