WordPress Code Review

Our code review services

Code review

  • Structure of the code
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Maintainability
  • Browser compatibility

SEO Review

  • Review structure of the code
  • Review site performance using Google Analytics
  • Link authority
  • Schema rich snippets

Design & usability review

  • Review of navigation
  • Placement of key calls to action
  • Content layout
  • Consistency
  • User conversion

Mobile & responsive review

  • Display issues
  • User journey issues
  • Placement of key call to actions
  • Mobile navigation review

Symptoms of poor code quality

  • The website is unreliable and crashes consistently for no apparent reason

  • Significant testing efforts are required before deployment of any new feature

  • Poor performance – application runs slower than expected

  • Unexplained memory leakage

  • Security holes

Jakub Glos, Senior WordPress Engineer at Moove Agency
Every piece of code is meticulously reviewed to help you gain more out of your site.
Jakub Glos, Senior WordPress Engineer at Moove Agency

Problems we look out for during a WordPress code review

  • Code is structured and written poorly
  • Code is bloated with unused or ineffective code
  • Code is written in an 'expensive way' using too many resources
  • Code is not SEO optimised
  • Website is slow, code not optimised for speed
  • Website is not secure, code does not follow recommended security practices
  • Website does not support latest browsers or mobile devices
  • No professional deployment process is established or followed
  • Hosting service used is not secure or fast enough

Our WordPress code review services

  • We’ll apply our engineering know-how and undertake a meticulous line-by-line review of your entire site codebase.
  • We’ll produce a detailed report flagging up key issues that need immediate resolution and make further recommendations to bring your site in line with best practice.
  • We’ll walk you through the report to make sure everything is clearly explained.
  • The outcome is a clean, fast, and highly performing website.

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