GDPR Cookie Compliance

An easy-to-use WordPress plugin that can help you prepare your website for the GDPR & CCPA cookie regulations.

Premium Version Features

  • [NEW] Google Site Kit integration – our plugin supports the Google Site Kit integration natively.
  • Cookie wall / Full-screen layout – if enabled, the Cookie Consent Banner will be display in a full screen mode, and force users to either accept or reject cookies before they can see your content.
  • Export & import settings – transfer your custom settings between sites with ease.
  • WordPress Multisite extension – you can manage the plugin settings globally, and clone them from one site to another within your multi-site setup. You can also sync users consent between individual subsites on your multisite network.
  • Accept on Scroll / Hide timer – allow users to accept cookies by scrolling down the page OR by setting a timer (ie. Hide banner after 5 seconds)
  • Renew Consent – ask users to renew their consent if there is a change in privacy or cookie policy on your site
  • Geo-location – if enabled, the Cookie Consent Banner will only be shown to visitors from the European Union or selected countries (ie. Canada, United States etc.).
  • iFrame Blocker – blocks users from viewing 3rd party resources (such as Youtube) until they accept cookies
  • Language Specific Scripts – insert different Tag Manager Scripts for different languages, supports WPML and other language plugins
  • Premium Shortcodes that can be added to your ‘Privacy & Cookie Policy’ and allow your users to manage their consent with ease.
  • Hide Cookie Banner allows you to hide the Cookie Notice Banner on selected pages.
  • Cookie Declaration allows you to manually declare the exact type of cookies that your site uses, including the cookie name, provider, purpose and expiration.
  • Consent Log – gives you the ability to store user consent information in the event that you need to prove that consent was given.
  • Analytics – stats and charts showing you how many users accepted your cookies (all anonymous)
  • Local Data Storage – all user data is stored locally on your website only (ie. Consent log, Analytics features) – we do not collect or store any of your user data on our servers
  • Fast Premium Support from our friendly team.
  • 12 months of updates included.


Licence FAQs
Installation & Support
Plugin Specific
Is it one-off charge or a lifetime licence?

The purchase is a one-off charge and includes one year of updates. If you’d like updates after the first year you’d need to renew the licence.

What happens if I don’t renew my license?
If you don’t want to renew your license after it expires, you can continue to use the version of the premium plugin that you have, for as long as you want, but you won’t be able to receive any further updates nor activate the licence on any new installations.

How long does my license last for?
Your license is valid for a year from the date you purchase it. For example, if you purchase your license on 30th April, 2022, you’ll get regular updates of the plugin until 29th April, 2023. To receive updates after that date, you’ll need to renew your licence.

Can I upgrade my licence?
The licences cannot be upgraded after purchase. You will need to buy a new licence if you need more activations.
For that reason, we recommend buying the right number of licences from the very beginning to ensure that you secure the biggest discount.
How many licences do I need for a WordPress Multisite setup?

You’ll need one licence for every subsite where you’d like our premium plugin to be used.

For example, if you have 10 subsites as part of one multisite, but would like our premium plugin to be active only on 3 of them, then you need just 3 licences.


Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer full refunds within the initial 14 days of purchase.

We encourage you to test our plugins without a fear of loosing your money. So if our plugins do not work for you for any reason, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Please remember to de-activate your licence first before removing the plugin from your CMS so that we can process your refund quickly.

Can I move my licence between websites?

Yes you can. You need to first de-activate the licence on the original domain where you activated it and then you can activate it again on the new domain (using the Licence Manager tab in the plugin settings).

Does each licence cover staging/dev domains?

Every licence includes one production environment.

It also covers 2 staging/dev environments if they use the following keywords in the URL:

  • local
  • localhost
  • staging
  • dev
  • sandbox
  • test
  • beta
  • pantheon
  • kinsta
  • wpengine
  • flywheelsites
  • mybluehost
  • lightningbasehosted
  • wpstagecoach

If your staging/dev environment does not use these keywords in the URL, then our system won’t know that those are staging/dev domains and you will need to buy additional licences to cover those environments.

How to install the Premium Add-on

Step 1: Please download and activate the latest version of the free version of the plugin from

Step 2: Add your licence key to the Licence Manager section within the plugin settings screen, click Activate

Step 3: The latest premium features will be downloaded automatically for you

I need help / Support Forum

We have dedicated support forums for our plugin users.

Once you login, you can create a new topic and post your questions there, and one of our friendly support team representatives will get back to you very soon.

Who is Moove Agency and where are you based?
How do I setup the GDPR Cookie Compliance plugin?

You can setup the plugin in the WordPress CMS main menu (on the left-hand side) -> GDPR Cookie Compliance.

How can I link to the Cookie Settings Screen?

You can use the following link to display the Cookie Settings Screen window:

[Relative Path – RECOMMENDED]

[Absolute Path]

The scripts added to the plugin settings are not visible in the page source code.

Our plugin loads scripts using JavaScript, which is why you cannot find the scripts when viewing the source code of the page.

To view the scripts, you can use the Developer Console in Chrome browser (Inspect Element feature).

What are "Strictly Necessary Cookies"?

The “Strictly Necessary Cookies”, sometimes called Essential Cookies, are cookies that are necessary for your site to function properly.

For example, we use Strictly Necessary Cookies to save information about which cookies the user consented to.

We are not storing any sensitive or personal data there, the cookie file contains only one of the following strings:

Disabled state: strictly: 1, thirdparty: 0, advanced: 0
Enabled state: strictly: 1, thirdparty: 1, advanced: 1

Once I add scripts to this plugin, should I delete them from the website’s code?

Yes. Once you setup the plugin, you should delete the scripts you uploaded to the plugin from your website’s code to ensure that your scripts are not loaded twice.

Can I use custom code or hooks with your plugin?

Yes, we have implemented hooks that allow you to implement custom code snippets.

You will find the list of popular hooks in the plugin setttings: CMS > GDPR Cookie Compliance > Help, Hooks, Filters & Shortcodes

You can also find the list of all pre-defined advanced hooks here.

Does the plugin support subdomains or subfolders on multisite network?

Yes, the plugin supports subdomains on the same WordPress Multisite Network as part of our premium add-on.

We can sync users consent across your multisite network as long as your subsites are using the same domain and either folder or subdomain structure.

For example, if user agrees to cookies on one subsite ( or, then we can automatically sync their consent and cookies will be accepted on the other subsites too ( or

There is only one exception where we cannot sync users consent between subsites and that’s when you’re using different domains (subdomains are fine). Browsers will treat each domain as separate entity and our plugin will be unable to alter cookies stored by the other domain. This is a security feature in browsers to prevent hacking.

Does this plugin block all cookies?

This plugin only restricts cookies for scripts that you have setup in the Plugin Settings. If you want to block all cookies, you have to add all scripts that use cookies into the Settings of this plugin.

What information does the Consent Log store and where is it stored?

The Consent Log features stores all data in your WordPress website’s database.
The data stored includes: Consent Date, User’s IP address, Cookies Accepted and User Email (for logged-in users).
You can see the preview of Consent Log here.

Does this plugin guarantee that I will comply with data protection laws?

This plugin is just a template and needs to be setup correctly in order to work properly.