15 Reasons to Choose WordPress to Power Your Website

Business reasons

There are many reasons why your organisation will benefit from using WordPress as your website's CMS platform.


No licence fees

WordPress is open-source: there are no license fees and all software updates are free for life!


No vendor lock

You will never be tied into long contracts and you can change suppliers with ease.


You own your data

Your data will never be locked in a supplier's propriety system. You own all of your data and can walk away with it anytime you want with zero charges for exporting it!


Multiple user roles

WordPress supports multiple user roles out of the box: super admin, admin, editor, author and contributor already come built-in to this powerful platform!


User-friendly and familiar

WordPress is so popular because it's so easy to use. There’s also a minimal learning curve so your staff training costs are minimal too - on top of it, chances are your employees have worked with WordPress before so they will be able to use your site with no training whatsoever!


Powerful tool for content marketing

WordPress is a tool of choice for marketers and publishers. It has built-in state of the art publishing tools such as preview, schedule a post, revisions and much more that will make the life of your editorial team so much easier!

Technical reasons


WordPress SEO

WordPress gives you the best start to score high in search engines, in fact, WordPress is the platform of choice for SEO professionals.



WordPress has a comprehensively peer-reviewed source code. The most security conscious organisations such as Facebook and Government use WordPress - running exactly the same version as you do!


WordPress REST API

Thanks to its extendability through REST APIs, WordPress can be turned into anything from a full featured easy-to-use intranet solution to a web-based application.


Unique design

WordPress won’t restrict your vision of your new website nor a designer’s creativity. WordPress is a totally flexible CMS!



Do you need your website to connect to Salesforce, Pardot or MailChimp? What about tracking, membership, user accounts or forums? WordPress has you covered.


Multilingual sites

WordPress makes it easy to build multilingual sites with its WordPress Multisite setup or use of popular translation plugins.

Performance reasons



Whatever your benchmarks are, WordPress is ready to meet them. Need to cater to an international audience? WordPress can hook into your favourite CDN and deliver your content in top speed around the globe.



WordPress has a stable code base, rich infrastructure and continuous development which make it one of the most stable and safe-to-use pieces of software out there.



WordPress scales gracefully, that's why the largest high-traffic sites choose WordPress to serve their content to millions of users every day.

Ilona Filipi, Founder of Moove Agency
"WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world!"
Ilona Filipi, Founder of Moove Agency

You're in good company!

Notable WordPress users include TechCrunch, Sony, ebay, Metro, Facebook, The New York Times, Persil and Fortune.

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