Boost Your Digital Marketing Results Using the Right Design Approach

Steve Jobs once said:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

We could not agree with this more. This is one statement that is strictly followed by our internal design team here at Moove. But how can good design influence your digital marketing campaign? Well, here are some tips.

#1 Good design focuses on conversions through clear calls to action

As a definition, the calls to action (also known as CTAs) are instructions given to your audience. Their purpose is to provoke an immediate response and usually use imperative verbs. For example: ‘Call Now’ or ‘Find out More’.

The calls to action will always play a key role when it comes to building your webpage or online campaign. The overall goal is running a business that will earn money. And in order to do that you need to generate leads.

Here is where the magic happens. By designing an experience that is supported by clear and well-thought out calls to action, you can drive your visitors through your website and present them with the type of content you want them to have access to. And ultimately, generate some leads.

The job of a good designer is not only to make your website look pretty but also to help you achieve your business goals. A good designer will always come up with suggestions on how to improve your customers’ website experience. Don’t be afraid of spending time on defining a concrete user journey in the initial phase of your project. It could take a while and you will have to go through a detailed “wireframing” stage, but the results are well worth the effort.

#2 Good design is consistent

Consistency is also something that plays a key role in your visual presence. You can define this consistency by creating what is called a brand guideline or brand book. This document will include a set of rules that will show how your brand looks on certain mediums, including print, digital and other applicable mediums. If you are an established business you may already have a brand guideline. But if you do not, definitely consider allocating a budget for creating one.

When it comes to designing for the web, a good designer will always suggest you create what’s called a web style guide. At Moove, we believe this is a must have because it clearly specifies all the design elements used in your web page. It is also future proof as its key role is to not only support your current site, but also any future developments. It is a tool that will help you keep the consistency of all your digital assets.

The web style guide will always follow the directions given by your brand book so it should be attached to it.

#3 Good design supports your message

A major part of any digital marketing project is defining the key message that you are trying to send to your customers.

The best messages are always the ones that will attract the attention of your desired audience. Your customers are important and you need to show them what you have to offer. That’s why you need to make sure that this message is sent in the right way, and most importantly, supported by good visuals. This is where design plays an important role. A good design will always support and even amplify your message. This can be achieved through colour, photography and good typography.

There are a lot of typography tricks designers employ and for good reason. You do not want to appear to be shouting, but you have to have a good balance between the tone of your message and the visuals that support it. An experienced designer will not only help you find great imagery in order to support your message but will also choose the right typography for displaying it. The designer will also know what is fresh and modern and what is outdated. You can expect a flow of suggestions on visual improvements with new designs.

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