How we designed a responsive website for a publisher

Website Redesign / WordPress Migration


ODM Publishing appointed Moove Agency to redesign and develop the new website.

The new website needed to run on WordPress, be fully responsive, provide event management, lead generation functionality and advanced ad management.


6 months. We delivered the project within a six-month time frame in order for the site to be ready for our client's big launch campaign.

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Delivered on budget


Delivered on time

All functionality requested in brief delivered

Fully tested for cross-browser and cross-device compatibility

Happy and fully satisfied client

On-going digital partnership for 18 months+


ODM Publishing

Investment Europe is an established brand targeting fund selectors and investment professionals across the Continent. This is a disparate audience by geography and we wanted to create a website that would bring the users together to generate a real sense of community. Our readers are busy and the site needs to truly deliver in terms of content and functionality.

We held a beauty parade of web designers but it was Moove who really stood out as understanding what we needed. They have approached the task with passion and professionalism. The new Investment Europe website is fantastic and we are confident this will soon become ‘the go to place for the fund selector community’ thanks to Moove’s energy and expertise.”


InvestmentEurope is the leading brand for fund selectors and investment professionals across Europe. It provides in-depth market news and analysis, a monthly publication, both print and digital, and a portfolio of conferences and events, both locally and on a pan-European basis.

InvestmentEurope also holds the prestigious Fund Manager of the Year Awards to recognise excellence in fund management.

Fund Manager


We pulled out all the stops for this one. Here are the digital terriers who got their teeth stuck into InvestmentEurope’s site.

Ilona - Project Manager


Project Manager
Adrian - Art Director


Art Director
Shaz - Account Manager


Account Manager
Petr - Lead Developer



Lead Developer
Lukas - WordPress Developer


Radek - WordPress Developer



the Website

Target Audience

If you can’t see your target, you can’t shoot your arrows. So the first thing to establish was the target audience:

Asset managers
Investment bankers
Chief Information Officers

Our 10 Step Process


At Moove, we start our website development process with a stage called Wireframing/Prototyping. We want to have productive and insightful discussions with our clients about the content, structure of pages and calls to action.

Interactive prototypes help us achieve this with amazing clarity and effectiveness.

We can suggest the structure of the content based on our experience of building websites for more than 10 years. Our clients tell us what they have learnt about their target audience, website visitors and their company strengths. Together we create a skeleton of a website that will ensure we have everything covered right from the start.

View the Prototypes View the Prototypes


Europe Investment

Today, it’s all about being good on the go. That’s why we had to consider optimising the experience on mobiles and tablets.

We worked like little soldiers to get a consistent experience for every possible device.



Users can register on the website to gain access to advanced features such as articles under a paywall, subscription to a print magazine, whitepaper downloads, access to digital magazines and more.


Articles can be marked as 'Paid subscribers access only', which means they can be accessed only if a user actively subscribes to the site.


Every registered user gets a profile account created in the CMS. It’s up to CMS administrators to choose the expiry of paid subscriptions. They can also see all of the data captured about the user as they interact with the site – when they downloaded a whitepaper, presentation slides from events or read the digital magazine.

Whitepaper Download with Advanced User Data Capture Through a Fully Customisable Question Bank

Here are some of the defining features of the InvestmentEurope website:

  • CMS administrators can upload whitepapers to the CMS so that users can download them free in exchange for leaving personal information
  • Every user answers a set of pre-defined questions so that they can download a whitepaper
  • CMS Administrators can select the questions from a customised Question Bank for each whitepaper
  • The website records all the answers, giving a full record of a user. A user might answer three questions for Whitepaper 1, five for Whitepaper 2 and so on. Over time, we record answers for all eight questions, giving you material for some pretty powerful marketing campaigns.


Through advanced custom development, we enabled the client to make event microsites for each event from within the WordPress CMS.

This means that the site administrators can create as many event microsites as they like without any need for extra support from us.
Our clients can be independent, produce new microsites and have flexibility, at no extra cost.

Migration of Data from the Old Website

The old website was jam-packed with articles dating back several years. Manually uploading it all would have taken us until Christmas. Luckily, we have a few technical skills. Working alongside the client, our development teams mapped categories from old to new and then created a custom script to import raw xml data into the new WordPress system.

If you think that’s easy… the client also wanted to import images but not all images as some were protected by specific copyrights. Each image that was to be excluded was tagged and then removed from the import.

Ads Management

The website serves ads using Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers for ads trafficking. We implemented advanced tools for increased page views and ads views, such as ads refreshing on every click of a photo in photo galleries.

Social Media Integration

We introduced social media integration and encouraged sharing by the design and positioning of sharing elements. Meanwhile, we added Google Plus Authorship in posts to help build an identity for contributors.

Picture Galleries

Marketing is a big part of our clients’ websites and we introduced a picture galleries feature to enable InvestmentEurope to showcase and promote their events across the website.


We’re big on security at Moove, protecting against standard and known hacker threats. We also monitor activity on InvestmentEurope’s servers to ensure the site stays safe and healthy.

Fast-loading Site

Super-fast speed and load times are better for SEO rankings and users, so we optimise our websites for the highest-possible speed-loading score.


SEO was vital here. Our client publishes huge amounts of content every month so any improvements in Google ranking will multiply their efforts tremendously. To make sure has very strong on-page SEO and ranks high in Google, we have implemented the following:

  • Page speed optimisation
  • Semantic structure of important headings (h1, h2, h3) that include important keywords
  • WordPress SEO plugin installed and explained to the client
  • Schema data
  • Mobile optimization
  • Redirects of broken links from their old website

Continuous Agile Improvements

Since the website launched, we’ve expanded the paywall registration system. It now includes features such as photography-competition submission, download of speaker presentations, download of digital versions of print magazines – and much more.

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