Meet our client: Leading publisher for investment professionals ODM

We are very happy to be joined by Nick Rapley to continue our Meet our Client Series. Nick is the Chief Executive Officer at Open Door Media (ODM) Publishing, the leading publisher of latest news and events for fund selectors and investment professionals across the world.

We started to work with ODM when we won a pitch to create their new website that was fast and powerful, enabling user subscriptions, events registrations and data captures.  Since then, we have launched a further 3 websites for ODM enabling them to reach new audiences faster than they have ever been able to do before.

We caught up with Nick and asked him to share some news from ODM, what it’s like working with Moove and his role as CEO.

Quick-Fire Questions: About ODM

Q. Can you give us an introduction to, and brands.

Our brands serve the very demanding and disperse international audience of financial experts. is a resource of investment intelligence for the fund professionals. brings news, views and product information for international advisors feeds intelligence for professionals involved in international wealth planning. WordPress


Q. Both Investment Europe and several individuals on your staff have won several publishing, sales and event awards – is there a trick or secret you owe this success to?

Actually, there is no secret to this amazing successes and awards that I’m very proud of. It’s all down to hard work, passion and having a great team around you.

Your Role as CEO

Q. You’ve been working in publishing industry for many years now – what do you like most about publishing?

What I like most about publishing is that it is very creative industry; there are no limits to your imagination. If you listen carefully and understand your readers and clients, you can produce content that readers engage with and appreciate and at the same time build a very successful publishing business.

Q. Do you think Brexit will throw any challenges your way? 

We started to feel a bit of uncertainty in the financial world due to the recent geopolitical instability (Brexit, European elections, US elections). This created some anxiety in the financial industry: budget holders are conservative, not spending as much, waiting to see how things evolve.

In terms of Brexit, Investment Europe brand, as the name suggest, is intrinsically linked with Europe and we employ a lot of European workforce therefore any uncertainty related to their status or ability to work here is not helpful.

However, the world is not about to end and we are therefore optimistic in the medium to long term.

Q. How do you prioritise which new digital opportunities are worth pursuing?

We listen to our customers to understand what their digital needs are and how we can create digital solutions that meet those needs. If these suggestions are also commercially viable, then those ideas become priorities.

WordPress iPad

Q. What are your favourite sources of information that help you stay on top of the latest trends in your industry?

I read news from our own publications every day, this helps me keep up to date with what the financial industry is doing.

In terms of digital, we listen to you as our web agency and are very happy with your ideas and our continued collaboration.

ODM & Moove Agency

Moove Agency WordPress

Q. We have worked together for a long time, what has been your experience of working with us?

We have worked together since the very beginning of our company formation –  which is 4 years now.

My experience is very positive, I’m extremely happy and I feel that Moove understands our business and is an extension of our team – you are very much part of the team now!

Q. What was the reason that you chose Moove Agency to work on your websites?

When we started 4 years ago, you were the best agency we saw, you understood our needs and requirements. There was a clear synergy between us and Moove as you were also a young and dynamic business – we were at the same point in our growth, shared the same values and we felt that we were important to you.

We have stayed with you all of these years because you have continued to provide excellent value!

Q. Have your websites helped to reach your internal targets and grow your market reach?

Definitely, they have helped us to retain and attract new audiences.

Our websites are an important part of our product and marketing strategy – we place them at the heart of the communities that we serve. Therefore having beautiful, highly performing websites that bring audiences together is very important to us.

And finally, what’s next for ODM?

Our strategy is Europe today and the world tomorrow so watch this space!

And now that we have number of different brands, we look forward to continuing working with Moove even more!

Thanks Nick! Here’s to another Moove and ODM collaboration!

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