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WordPress Multisite for Global Real Estate Software Provider

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Project Highlights

Company Type

B2B, Financial, Property, Technology




1,000+ employees

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Increase in qualified leads
Increase in average session duration
Increase in sessions per user
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About MRI Software

Founded in 1971, MRI Software is a leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions. Based in the United States, MRI Software is a global company with offices in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

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Target Audience

Real Estate Investors
Fund Managers
Facility Managers
Real Estate Owners & Occupiers
Real Estate Developers
C-level Executives
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Website Objectives

Increase Marketing Qualified Leads by 20%
Make global site using subfolder international digital marketing strategy
Protect existing digital & SEO footprint of the local sites & regions
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Information Architecture

We created bespoke interactive prototypes to allow us to test the user experience, present user journeys and place key calls to action. The prototypes were clear and effective, ensuring fast and reliable delivery. The client saw the shape of their site just one week after commissioning us!

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Responsive Design

We tested across multiple mobile devices to ensure that the user experience was perfect. Our responsive designs showcased the reliability and trust that MRI wanted to convey to potential clients.

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Style Guide

We also created a bespoke web style guide for MRI to keep all front-end code consistent.

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Advanced Technical Functionality

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International marketing

We implemented an international digital marketing strategy which will support the growth of the business as it continues to scale its global presence.

To achieve this we used WordPress Multisite which enabled us to clone the master site for multiple regions with ease (currently 10 local sites).

We also created global sections of the website such as Events and setup custom-made advanced ‘broadcasting’ feature for News and Resources.

Additionally, we implemented Google’s ‘hreflangs’, and Bing’s meta tags for each local website to ensure that search engines recognise the website content as unique for each region.

Flexible page builder

We built flexible, fully responsive templates to ensure that MRI can create an unlimited number of pages without compromising the brand guidelines and website consistency. We also created dynamic sidebars that automatically aggregate content from other parts of the site using advanced content tagging strategy (i.e. Product and Solution pages display related News, Blogs or Resources that were tagged with correct keywords).

Pardot integration

We created bespoke Pardot forms aligned with MRI's web style guide. This gives MRI the freedom to create an unlimited amount of Pardot contact or download forms and add them to the site with ease. Additionally, we created several versions of conversion rate optimised (CRO) landing pages that will ensure the highest lead capture rate possible.

Data migration & redirects

An important part of the project was to migrate the legacy content and create a detailed plan for implementing redirects. This ensured that there were no broken links and the website enjoyed high SEO rankings shortly after launch.

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Search Engine Optimisation

The new site had to have very strong SEO and also load quickly, so we implemented:

  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Hreflangs to support international SEO strategy
  • Image Optimisation (lossless compression)
  • Minified CSS, HTML and Javascript code
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Page speed optimisation
  • Redirection of broken links
  • Semantically structured html tags
  • Sitemaps generated automatically
  • SSL certificate (HTTPS)
  • Structured data (schema)
  • W3C-compliant code
  • Yoast SEO plugin installed and setup
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Client Testimonial

" We found Moove to be a fast, reliable and very skilled WordPress development team. Moove’s technical ability to deliver our large-scale project underpinned by their creativity and enthusiasm has made the collaboration a great success. Moove worked as an extended part of our team and this coupled with their excellent project management skills meant that the project was delivered both on time and on budget. I highly recommend Moove Agency and look forward to our continued collaboration. "
Mandira Mehra
Chief Marketing Officer
MRI Software

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