Event Triggers Are Now Part of Our User Activity Tracking Plugin

Our User Activity Tracking Plugin enables WordPress website owners to track user activity on their website. It’s particularly useful when tracking users on membership sites, students on LMS online learning systems or WooCommerce sites. It can track both logged-in and anonymous users.

The plugin stores no cookies on users’ computers and therefore requires no cookie opt-in from users (unlike Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager).

The plugin allows CMS administrators to track page visits, duration of the visit, referral URL and more.

And now you can also setup event triggers too!

Event triggers are useful if you’d like to track clicks on CTA buttons, PDF downloads, mailto links and more.

The plugin is actively used on over 3,000 websites, and counting!

Since its initial release, we’ve continued to actively develop and support the plugin, regularly releasing new features and functionality.

Here is the event trigger demo video that showcases the latest features:



We continue improving the plugin and adding new features so stay tuned for more updates.

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