How We Support Groundwork Charity

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Groundwork is a charity working locally and nationally to transform the lives of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.

Groundwork and Moove Agency

Groundwork had a portfolio of existing WordPress websites that they wanted to improve. They were looking for a pro-active technically-strong WordPress partner who could review their websites, suggest creative ideas and work in close collaboration in an agile way.

Moove Agency & Groundwork

Code Review

  • When Moove Agency took over the portfolio, the vital metrics of the sites needed to be significantly improved.
  • We conducted a Code Review and improved not only the page speed, but also Web Core Vitals, migrated the sites to a new host, created staging environments, established a professional deployment process, improved the security, browser compatibility and much more.

WordPress Multisite

  • Many of the sites were running on the same WordPress theme. This situation was time-consuming as every site had to be manually edited, updated and maintained.
  • We converted the existing sites into WordPress multisite streamlining the editing experience as well as decreasing the on-going maintenance and support costs.


  • With a renewed focus on improved information architecture and a mobile first design, we work closely with Groundwork on a daily basis ensuring that the websites better serve and engage users.


  • During our Code Review service, we paid special attention to the security of the site.
  • We re-wrote several parts of the site to ensure that they follow the latest security and WordPress standard guidelines.
  • We fixed code sanitation issues in the ajax arguments to improve security.
  • We disabled the XMLRPC and restricted WP-JSON default endpoints to increase website security.
  • We removed old users from the CMS to ensure that unauthorised users can’t login to the site anymore.
  • We disabled comments to prevent spam comments populating the database.
  • We added 2 factor authentication for the login screen.
  • We removed unused/inactive themes that can expose the site to security vulnerabilities.
  • We updated the security headers on the websites.

These improvements combined resulted in sites that are much more robust, easier to use, easier to maintain and more secure than ever before.

Client Testimonial

Our portfolio of sites was becoming a huge logistical burden, but Moove’s strong technical expertise and excellent customer service has completely transformed it for the better. We could not have wished for a better partner.Ben Leach, Digital Communications – Groundwork

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