Global WordPress Website Success Story

How we designed and built a new WordPress website for a Global Software Provider

The results

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About Qube Global Software

Qube Global is a leading supplier of property and facility management software solutions with nearly 40 years of trading history and over 200 employees in offices around the world.

When Qube Global Software approached Moove Agency, they were looking for a cutting-edge web design agency that could redesign its website, increase B2B leads, strengthen its brand and improve search engine rankings.

A bit of history

Qube Global Software’s previous CMS provider had stopped offering web-development services. This was holding back digital marketing initiatives. Based on this experience, choosing a popular and well supported CMS that could grow and do everything required was of utmost importance when commissioning their new website.

The brief

Qube Global Software were looking to revamp their website making it more accessible, interesting and interactive. They wanted to create a better experience for their audience and in turn, generate more enquiries.

The team

The team included up to 20+ stakeholders at Qube Global Software, in addition to the full Moove Agency team.

Communication was a key success factor in the delivery of the project, combined with Moove’s rich experience with WordPress development.

The WordPress Agency Team The WordPress Agency Team The WordPress Agency Team

Website goals

Here are the goals that we were asked not only to meet but exceed. And we sure did!

Design goals

  • Fully functional on mobile devices
  • Modern design and feel
  • W3C compliant websites
  • Simpler navigation

Marketing / measurement / engagement goals

  • Simpler conversion tracking
  • Latest tools for insights
  • Social media sharing on posts
  • Social badges throughout site
  • Lead generation focus through whitepaper downloads

SEO goals

  • Fast-loading pages
  • SEO considered in design

General goals

  • Intuitive CMS
  • Multiple types of logins

Target audience

This included but was not limited to:

  • Property owners, investors and developers
  • Facility managers
  • Property occupiers
  • Workspace managers
  • Managing agents
  • Block managers
  • Estate and letting agents
Qube Global Software's target audience

Understanding brand personality

As part of the planning process we undertook a brand personality exercise early on in the project to better understand the business and to explore ideas around how Qube Global Software could be visually presented in the marketplace. This meeting, which included the whole Qube Global Software marketing team and members of the management team, ultimately directed imagery, design and feel of the website and set the project off in the right direction which would later prove very valuable when seeking design approval. We got the look, feel and personality right from the beginning.

Building the website

The main goal here was to improve lead generation. So we started with improved user experience and much more-intuitive navigation. For example, it’s now so much easier to reach key information needed at every stage of the buying cycle.

Website development work for Qube's new website

Interactive prototypes

Testing is everything. We used interactive prototypes to test the user experience, new navigation, structure of pages, calls to action and content.

See the Prototypes in Action
We used interactive prototypes to test the user experience, new navigation, structure of pages, calls to action and content.

Stakeholders and usability testing

Moove and Qube Global Software’s marketing team made sure all stakeholders loved the new structure. Test sessions ensured that new user journeys were intuitive and effective.

After initial feedback from focus groups, we made updates and improvements and re-tested prototypes.

Test sessions ensured that new user journeys were intuitive and effective.

Scalable WordPress MultiSite

We created just one master WordPress theme and multiplied it seven times for local sites around the world. We can do this as many times as we like. It’s low-cost, it’s scalable and the sites are robust and well-developed.


Geo-location and SEO rankings

Search engines are a key channel in Qube Global Software’s international digital marketing strategy. Utilising WordPress Multisite, we ensured that regional websites can be managed effectively and locally.

Graph SEO Results

of data and redirects

Moving from six old websites to eight new websites could have been a headache and a potential disaster for SEO. But we have been around the block a few times before so we know what it takes to launch successfully - our experienced team of developers devised a detailed plan for implementation of thousands of redirects, speeding up the process with set of custom-developed scripts.

A region select for a global software supplier

Imagine you’re a global software supplier with offices throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia Pacific. Your software is used by more than 1,000 companies in more than 70 countries. You’d want a digital marketing presence that looked the part, wouldn’t you?

We would and so we introduced a new interactive regional select. It offers an easy and intuitive way to navigate across the portfolio of regional websites – and most importantly – it’s unique and stands out.

Page builder and flexible sidebars

Qube Global Software wanted total freedom and flexibility. With Page Builder, they can do it all themselves: template building, pages with two-column text, white paper download widgets, calls to action and much more.

WordPress CMS admin panel for Qube's new website



We optimise our websites with GTmetrix for an A rating. Speed and load times are super-fast and SEO rankings are better. All of which makes for a much better user experience.

SagePay integration,
events and

Once we integrated with SagePay, buying training courses online was simplicity itself.

SagePay WordPress Integration

Form builder

Enquiries are the lifeblood of any business. That’s why Qube Global Software’s marketing team needed to create new landing pages themselves without having to rely on their web designer. Our solution was WordPress plugin Gravity Forms, allowing simple creation of custom forms anywhere on the website.

Gravity Forms is the easiest tool to create advanced forms for your WordPress powered website

White paper

One KPI for improving lead generation was encouraging users to download white papers (the clever guys at Qube Global Software produce some pretty smart white papers). We designed various user journeys for downloading white papers and leaving contact details, which resulted in uplift of enquiries of 37%!

Download Whitepapers

Social media integration

Social media integration and sharing was implemented on the site and encouraged by the design and positioning of sharing elements. Meanwhile, we added Google Plus Authorship in posts to help build an identity for contributors.

Social Media


Building in high levels of security is standard practice for us. We protect against standard and known hacker threats. We also monitor activity on Qube Global Software’s servers to ensure the site stays safe and healthy.

WordPress Security


We love putting clients in control. We set websites up so that tracking and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns is easy.

Google Analytics &
Conversion Tracking set-up
Adwords Conversion
Social Share

The results

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Result 2
Result 3

“Moove impressed us from the very beginning. They submitted an exciting proposal that showed an in-depth understanding of our brief and genuine enthusiasm for our project. Following a competitive pitch, we decided to work with Moove due to their experience, creativity, attentive nature, committed team and expertise in WordPress, which was our CMS of choice. Now the websites have been delivered, on time and budget, I can only say that the entire Moove Agency team exceeded all of my high expectations. I look forward to continue working closely with this very talented team on future projects.”

Matt Roobol,
Digital Marketing Manager, Qube Global Software