How we developed a new WordPress site for a specialist integrator of next‑generation technology

About Teneo

Teneo offers global organisations the strongest mix of optimisation solutions for applications, networks, storage and security, which they design by understanding through consultancy and delivering through managed services.

Passionate about what they do, Teneo is the spark that ignites a new approach to technology. It was time to find a new approach to managing the Teneo website.

person about
Lauren Fortune
Marketing Director

“ We selected Moove as they are highly specialised in what they do, yet a small enough team to be agile and stay focused on Teneo’s website project. I’m pleased to say that they have given us time and attention in abundance.

Throughout our journey so far, Moove have demonstrated fantastic project management skills, aided by the use of Basecamp (which I am learning to love!), and are a great bunch of people. This has made collaboration a pleasure and enabled us to work like colleagues in a virtual office. We now look forward to the next phase of website development together! ”

The Brief

With offices in the UK, France, USA and Australia, Teneo wanted to manage their international content, graphics and even layout from one location. That meant WordPress, the state-of-the-art publishing platform and possible saviour of the free world.

Teneo needed a localised identity for each site and to drive lead generation faster than a caffeinated cheetah. This would be the place for finding out about next-generation technologies and keeping ahead of the curve.

Target Audience

In the IT world, teams vary widely. You can be dealing with one extremely busy IT Manager who deals with everything or massive teams of decision makers that have very granular roles and responsibilities. Creating personas, based on research with real customers, meant the website could be built with their needs in mind. We think the influencer is a Malcolm.

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person influencer


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The Goals

Short Term

  • More control over content to post new content faster and more regularly
  • Easy-to-use open-source content management system (WordPress!)
  • Content managed across five offices around the world
  • Localised identity for each site

Long Term

  • Create a community and thought-leadership for
    IT leaders centralised around new website
  • Create a support hub
  • Key communication tool for customers and Account Managers
  • Strong natural SEO

Design & New Branding

We co-operated on this with Ogilvy. They created the new Teneo logo, colours and branding as well as the new design. We took their beautiful work and turned it into fully functional WordPress website.


Responsive Web Design


It’s important to consider optimal viewing experience for both mobile and tablet devices. We worked extra hard to use a responsive framework and get a consistent experience for every possible device.

Customised Multisite Plugin

Teneo needed to manage content for their international sites from one location, and we worked hard with WordPress Multisite to make this happen.

They could not only manage content from one place but also post to any of the sites simultaneously which makes life much easier for content editors.

Without this, Teneo would have been copying and pasting the same content across five websites manually, ouch!

plugin multisite

Geo-location, Language Variations

To focus on the customer, the site design needed to be more international than the Eurovision Song Contest. We thought hard about how people from all over the world could see content created especially for them.

We managed to point users to the correct version of the site based on their geographic location. Yes, we know. We’re good. And we continue to add more sites to Teneo’s WordPress multisite setup.

SEO, Speed Optimisation, Google Rankings

Super-fast speed and load times can propel you up the Google escalator. They also sit well with impatient users. That’s why we optimise our websites to achieve the highest-possible speed-loading score.

We implemented all this on Teneo’s new site:

  • Page speed optimisation, GTMetrix - Score A
  • Google Page Speed: 80/100 for desktop and 80/100 for mobile
  • Semantic structure of important headings (h1, h2, h3) that include important keywords
  • WordPress SEO plugin setup
  • Schema data
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Redirects of broken links from old website

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