How we re-designed a B2B website & achieved an impressive uplift in sales enquiries

AboutUK IndiaBusiness Council

The UK India Business Council supports UK businesses with the insights, networks, policy advocacy, services, and facilities needed to succeed in India.

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The Brief

The UK India Business Council wanted their new website to be a primary tool in achieving their business objectives.

When complete the new site needed:

  • Provide an enhanced user experience for both visitors and members
  • To increase and automate lead generation
  • Position the UKIBC as a ‘thought leader’ in the UK-India trade space

Client's Testimonial

“We selected Moove Agency as the partner to deliver our new website as they demonstrated a clear understanding of our business goals. They've delivered a site that just two weeks after launch is driving up our web traffic and sales leads. Our new website has exceeded our expectations on nearly every front and i'm already excited about what features we'll add next!
I'm particularly impressed with our CRM integrations and user tracking, and i'd absolutely recommend Moove for any company looking to convert website visitors into sales leads”

Adam Pollard

Adam Pollard

Communications and Marketing Manager UKIBC

The Team

We pulled out all the stops for this one. Here are the digital terriers who got their teeth stuck into UKIBC’s site.

Ilona Filipi

Ilona Filipi

Project Manager

Roberto Marzocchetti

Roberto Marzocchetti

Senior Designer

Marton Gergely

Marton Gergely

Lead Developer

Gaspar Nemes

Gaspar Nemes

Wordpress Developer

Target audience

UKIBC has three main target audiences: Small companies, Medium and Large. These three main audiences are looking for different types of information and are interested in different sets of services.

Large and medium companies are looking for information about Membership.


Small and medium companies are looking for information about UKIBC Services.


We're driving all audiences to make an enquiry through the website. In Phase 2 of the projects, users will be able to purchase Memberships and Services directly through UKIBC website.

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Information Architecture

A key part of our web development services is this discovery stage that compromises from several very important elements that make our sites such a success:

Discovery workshops

We spent a series of half a day workshops with the client drilling through their brief, their requirements, their customer profiles, their sales data to identify opportunities for the wins on the new site.


We have a range of tools to enable this process and it provides an invaluable foundation for the whole project. We covered UX journeys, personas, UKIBC's expectations and knowledge of their target audience.

Technical documentation

During the entire Discovery phase, we worked on our Technical Documentation to guide our team through the development process which enabled us to start the development research and preparation as soon as the interactive prototypes were approved.

Interactive prototypes

This is an important part of our UX process. Our interactive wireframes enable our team to quickly move through the iterations of the site, whilst continuously improving the user journey and experience. It also ensured that our client saw the shape of their website in just 1 week after commissioning the project!

View interactive prototyping

If you browse through this example, you can see the power of interactive prototyping. Taking the time to design the skeleton of the website ensures that the design will be effective and the development will be much faster.

Website Design

Desktop Design
Tablet Design
Mobile Design

At Moove, we understand that users enjoy exploring websites with rich graphics and a captivating user experience.
We have a design team that is passionate and tireless in the pursuit of great design.


Style Guide

We produce detailed website style guides for all our projects. Using the style guides we maintain a consistent look and feel of the website by creating a set of rules which the design follows.

Style Guide

Web style guides work in a similar way to brand/identity guidelines. Here we created a consistent identity for the website.


Custom User Interface Design

Custom user interface design
Custom user interface design

Bespoke Layout Design


Advanced Technical Requirements

Login window

Tiered Login System
and Membership

The new UKIBC website has a tiered login system that allows anyone to register for free in order to gain access to basic information on how to do business in India. At the same time certain resources are only available to paid members who are registered as Paid Members in Salesforce. Our website checks with Salesforce every time someone new registers on UKIBC site to ensure that paid members are automatically upgraded to a paid membership package. Neat.

Social Sign In

Users can register on the site using Google
or LinkedIn social social sign in.

Content Tagging

The site is using an easy and intuitive system of content tagging that allows content editors to tag any content with relevant keywords. This then allows the site to pull information related to particular sectors or topics, just like on the sector pages where all information from across various parts of the site is loaded to match the particular sector.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is very important to all of our clients. UKIBC was no different. They publish huge amounts of content every month so any improvements in Google rankings will multiply their efforts tremendously. To make sure the new UKIBC has very strong on-page SEO and ranks high in Google, we have implemented the following:

  • Page speed optimisation
  • Semantic structure of important headings (h1, h2, h3) that include important keywords
  • WordPress SEO plugin installed and explained to the client
  • Schema data implemented
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Redirects of broken links from their old website
  • Minified css, html and javascript code
  • Content Delivery Network activated
  • SSL certificate added

Project and Account Management included:

  • Clear project plan with milestone presented before the start of the project
  • Project launched on time and on budget
  • Weekly review reports sent to the product owner at UKIBC
  • Technical Documentation produced
  • Bi-weekly demo review sessions to show progress
  • Training on how to use the CMS and upload content delivered
  • Email and telephone support provided during business hours with 2 hours maximum response time


Delivered on time
Happy and fully satisfied client
On-going digital partnership established
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