Meet Our Client: Fintech Company TrustQuay

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We’re very happy to be joined by Simon Witkiss to continue our Meet our Client Series.

Simon is Global Head of Product & Marketing for TrustQuay, world-leading software provider to Corporate Services, Trust, Wealth and Fund Administrators.

We initially started working with Simon by supporting their existing website – this collaboration went really well and we were soon asked to build a brand new WordPress website that better reflects their current brand positioning.

We caught up with Simon and asked him to share some news from TrustQuay, what it’s like working with Moove and how their new WordPress site we built together helps their lead generation and marketing efforts.

About TrustQuay

Can you give us an introduction to TrustQuay?

TrustQuay is the global leader in technology for the corporate services, trust and alternative fund administration markets, offering the most functionally rich, scalable and secure front to back-office platform.

Serving thousands of users in over 30 jurisdictions, TrustQuay has 9 offices worldwide.

TrustQuay’s strong product range, wide global coverage and focused R&D spend makes it uniquely placed in the corporate services, trust and alternative fund administration market.

By leveraging TrustQuay’s latest technology, customers are able to ensure regulatory compliance, maximise efficiency through automation, and digitally transform their businesses and end-client engagement.

You recently completed a successful merger. Can you give us some insight into the process of merging two existing brands and creating a new one?

It was a very successful merger that brought together a network of offices around the globe. The transition happened very smoothly. Moove were helpful with creating efficiency around the website development process.

The rebrand happened less than 4 months after the merger which is an incredible timeframe to have the new website up and running.

TrustQuay operates in over 30 jurisdictions in a specialist B2B market. Do you have any tips on how to create a marketing strategy for a software product marketed around the world?

We focus heavily on the content and the website is the main shop front for all of our content.

We run a very integrated website. We use Hubspot and Moove are very helpful with this aspect – from website’s content and live chat, to email, through to sales quotes – the entire process is all integrated. This works really well for our specialised B2B market in that we can effectively funnel everyone back to an entry point through the website and we know that we will capture it in a single way as efficiently as possible.

TrustQuay & Moove

We have worked closely together on the new TrustQuay site which was a great success – what has your experience been of working with us?

Moove delivered the rebrand project ahead of deadline and under budget and throughout the process were very responsive and turned things around very quickly.

Your team works so well as an extended part of our team. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that Moove don’t just work for me full-time! You always deliver so fast whether it’s a big or small piece of work.

What was the reason that you chose Moove Agency to work on your websites?

Moove were recommended to us which always gives a lot of reassurance when choosing new suppliers. I have since also recommend Moove to my contacts.

Would you say that working with us on this project helped you achieve your marketing and lead generation goals?

Yes absolutely, as part of the newly integrated website our lead generation is 10x times what it was. The whole integrated landscape using Hubspot as a tool allows us to punch above our weight with the resources we have internally. Moove have been helping us with Hubspot too which is hugely appreciated and helps us to be efficient.

Your Role as Global Head of Product & Marketing

You’ve been working in Product & Marketing for many years – what do you like most about the opportunities that digital offers to marketing teams?

Product and marketing in digital is a spectrum from one end, that is very product management focussed, and then it blends through to product marketing and then on to pure marketing.

B2B marketing is also different to consumer marketing: before digital, a lot of B2B marketing was done off-line and siloed. Digital has made interactions more immediate, sped up everything and caused those areas to become much more blended. Personally that’s what I like most about digital marketing: giving a much more blended, tailored approach to customers.

What are your favourite sources of information that help you stay on top of the latest digital trends?

I use Twitter and I follow people in the product and marketing space. I find that’s a good way to keep on top of and surface the latest trends. There are rarely original ideas so when it comes to digital it’s about trying to find the best examples and inspiration. It’s helpful to be aware of things that are pushing the boundaries.

Do you see any challenges ahead for marketers?

Everyone has had to pivot their marketing model to a degree due to the Covid lockdowns and changes in how we work and live. Moving forward, there will probably be a blend of old and new marketing approaches. I also think that generally people are becoming more discerning about what marketing they engage with so a challenge for the next decade is about capturing people’s interest and cutting through the noise.

And finally, what’s next for TrustQuay?

We are on a clear mission to digitalise our market. We will continue to help our customers to digitalise and automate with our software. We will continue to try and digitalise our interactions with our customers as well. We have worked hard on our Customer Hub, an application that interfaces product content and ticketing.

Our market scores themselves as a 5/10 when it comes to digitalisation and our market clearly states that digitalisation is what they need to do. So we will continue to work hard to drive and support that. Our market has historically underspent when it comes to technology investment so we will be supporting this focus for our clients. Our customers are increasingly dealing with customers who are digital natives and so the interactions and relationships that they have with their end-clients need to be much more digitally focussed.

Bonus question: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us and our readers?

We look forward to many more years of working together! I really do appreciate the level of clarity and flexibility that Moove are able to bring to our projects.

Thanks, Simon! Here’s to another Moove and TrustQuay collaboration!

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