Moove’s GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin – Version 2.0

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Our GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin assists WordPress website owners with their GDPR Cookie Compliance. The plugin currently has 70,000+ active installs, and growing!

Since its initial release in 2018, we’ve continued to actively develop and support the plugin. We’ve regularly released new features and functionality and so we’ve updated our plugin demo video to showcase the latest features:

Video highlights

The demo video covers the following:

  • How the Cookie Banner works and the different display options available.
  • The Cookie Settings Screen and the different layout options available.
  • User preferences and the different set-up options available.
  • How the plugin looks in the backend of the WordPress CMS.
  • An overview of the features such as personalisation and branding options.
  • A quick walk-through of the Premium features.

Flexible settings

Built with flexibility and personalisation in mind, the plugin also has flexible settings that enable website owners to customise how cookies are accepted on their website.

  • Option 1: No cookies are stored on users’ computers (not even the Cookie that is required to power our own plugin which we call Strictly Necessary Cookies) until the user accepts Cookies. You can view an example here
  • Option 2: You can set up the plugin so that Cookies are accepted by default but the user has the option to turn them off.  You can view examples here Example 1 and Example 2
  • Option 3: You can display the Cookie Consent Banner at the top of the page. You can also setup the plugin so that cookies are accepted once user scrolls down the page. You can view an example here
  • There are many other variations website owners choose to set the plugin up that the plugin can flexibly accommodate.


New features and updates

  • If you’d like to request a new feature, please create a new ticket in our support forum.

We will continue to improve the plugin and add new features so stay tuned for more updates!

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