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Introducing our GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin

When researching the impact and implications of GDPR on our client’s websites, we found that much of the advice and recommendations focused on the treatment of contact forms and collecting user data. However, the use of cookies is an important part of GDPR compliance too and for that reason, we have developed a bespoke GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin for WordPress websites. Here’s a short 1 minute demo video that explains the key features of the plugin:


GDPR and Cookie Compliance

  • GDPR states that as a website owner, you cannot assume a user has opted into the cookies being used on your website –  the user must give a positive opt in or “affirmative action” to signal their consent to the use of cookies and you also cannot force users to opt into the use of cookies.
  • Users who do not give consent should have the same experience of your website as those who give consent, which means you have to provide the same level of service and experience to those who do not accept the cookies.
  • Consent will need to be specific to the different cookie purposes with the ability to enable and disable cookies at a granular level for each cookie.
  • It also means that you should not be tracking users on your website with tools such as Google Analytics until they give you a specific permission to do so.


Moove Agency’s GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin

  • We have developed a GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin that gives website owners a framework to deal with this important subject as it allows website users to enable and disable any or all cookies.
  • The plugin is free and can be downloaded from the official directory or directly from your WordPress website CMS.
  • Once installed, the plugin gives you a template that you can customise; you can modify all text and colours to suit your needs.
  • You can also allow users to enable and disable all cookies on your site, however, this will require bespoke development work as every site is unique and uses different cookies.

GDPR Cookie Compliance WordPress Plugin

You can see a working example of the GDPR Cookie Compliance Plugin on our website.

You can download the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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