The Benefits of a WordPress Support Retainer

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In this article we explore the benefits of working with a WordPress Support Agency under a retainer.

Beyond the standard maintenance and technical support, there’s also a wide variety of website management tasks to be undertaken on a regular basis—work on your website doesn’t stop after launch!

A great agency partner will work with you to ensure that your website is not only stable and reliable but that it is generating valuable leads and saves you time when publishing content.

An experienced agency will also work with you to ensure that your website is converting as many visitors as possible by conducting regular UX reviews underpinned by data from analytics to unify your sales funnel and support your marketing strategy.  

When new features and functionality need to be deployed such as a new landing page, new API integrations, new campaigns or marketing messages that need to be regularly rolled out, your agency should be on hand to support you and to keep ahead of competition. Having a dedicated WordPress Development Agency on retainer helps to manage this entire process and ensures that your website stays ahead.

So what are the benefits of a WordPress Support Retainer?

#1Speed and Reliability

  • A retained agency will already understand your goals and priorities for the website. This means that when you have work to do on the website, briefing is easy as the team already know your website and can get straight to work.
  • The best agencies will also provide same-day support and always dedicate enough resources to ensure that your work is ready when you need it.
  • A specialised agency works with WordPress all day, every day, and this accelerates their understanding and knowledge of how to use WordPress for maximum benefit.

#2Continuous Improvements

  • One of the benefits of using WordPress is that there are regular new releases where performance is improved and features are enhanced. A retained agency can ensure that you taking full advantage of this service, keeping your website up to date and regularly improved.
  • SEO optimisation is a critical part of your website’s success for your lead generation efforts. A great agency partner will ensure that your website’s code is optimised for search engines and keep you at the top of the search results.
  • If your website is not pro-actively managed then you will miss the regular updates and releases from both WordPress and the plugins that you might be using on your website which risks not only a loss of functionality but can also create security vulnerabilities.

#3Value for Money

  • The cost of having someone managing your website full-time is not always feasible, in which case a dedicated WordPress Development Agency on a support retainer is a far better approach.
  • Budgeting when using a WordPress Support Agency is made easier as your monthly spend is fixed. Your website budget then becomes a predictable line item in your annual budgeting.
  • You also save money engaging on a retainer basis rather than with ad-hoc support requests.

#4A True Partnership

  • It’s in your support agency’s interest to provide reliable, high-quality customer service and retain you as a client which means managing the website in a way that delivers results in line with your business objectives.
  • The longer the agency is involved with your business, the more it learns about the specifics of your Company and operational model, and can become a extended part of your team.
  • One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen is that our Clients can focus on their business whilst we diligently manage what for many is one of their most valuable marketing and sales assets, their website. Here’s what one of our long-term clients JLL have to say about our partnership:

“We’ve worked with Moove’s talented team of WordPress experts for the past 5 years and find them very dedicated and responsive. Our close collaboration has developed in to a great partnership over the years as they understand our projects inside out: we can get straight to work and implement the latest development requirements to meet our expanding digital marketing initiatives.” Sara Thomas, Associate Director, Digital Marketing EMEA – JLL

Do you have a question about how to best manage your website on an ongoing basis? Our WordPress support retainers ensure that your ideas are executed fast, flawlessly, on time and budget. Please get in touch with us to discuss your website project and how we could help.


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