New Website and E-commerce Shop for MRI Software

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In 2018, we re-designed and re-built a new global WordPress website for our client MRI Software.

Following the success of this project, we were commissioned to:

  1. Build a new WordPress website for MRI Intermodal Software
  2. Create new Ecommerce Functionality for the MRI Software Website


New MRI Intermodal Software Website

Project Background – About MRI Intermodal Software

MRI Intermodal Software is a leading solutions provider to international tank container operators, container leasing organisations and intermodal equipment traders. As a specialist in the intermodal transport industry, MRI is currently supplying many of the top twenty operators, lessors and traders as well as start ups and smaller organisations, providing them with function rich software and excellent customer service.

Following the acquisition of RAM Intermodal Software by MRI Software, the company was rebranded as MRI Intermodal Software and needed a new website to reflect this. We worked with the MRI team to create a cost-effective WordPress solution, cloning the MRI Software website to create the new MRI Intermodal Software. This approach saved both time and budget and ensures that the same visual language is reflected on both websites.

View the new MRI Intermodal Software Website.


New Ecommerce Functionality for the MRI Software Website

Alongside the MRI Intermodal Software rebrand and rebuild project, we also built out new eCommerce functionality on the MRI Software website. This development on the website enables MRI Software customers to:

In the process of building these new pages we’ve also improved the tracking and analytics for the MRI team so that they can gain deeper insight into their online sales.

We have also integrated the online sales data with Pardot which gives the MRI sales team powerful insights about each lead so that they can track sales and target leads more effectively.

MRI Software said:

“Moove Agency are fantastic to work with – I’ve worked with them on several projects and they have all run to time and produced amazing results. The best thing about working with Moove is the fact that they respond so quickly and the team are so easy to work with.”Nicola Byers, Marketing Manager, MRI Software

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