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WordPress Plugins
7th Jul 2018

WordPress Plugins: Quality over Quantity

WordPress Plugins are a great way to extend functionality or add new features to your website. Read our 5 tips to help you choose the right plugins. Read more

The importance of SSL certificates in your SEO rankings
15th Sep 2017

Google to show warnings on sites without SSL certificates

From October 2017, Google will start showing warnings on websites without SSL certificates. But what is an SSL certificate? Why do you need one? Read more

Wordpress website
20th Jul 2017

How We Keep our WordPress Websites Secure

To get the most of of this power-house CMS, you need to know how to secure it and how to keep it up to date. It is critical to update your WordPress website Read more

6th Jul 2017

How to create a Slack app with JSON feed

We have created an application that pulls information about new WordPress releases in to Slack so that every member of our team is notified instantly. Read more

WordPress Agency London
27th Jun 2017

Top 4 Reasons to Choose an Experienced Web Agency

How and why selecting the right agency partner for your website project will be key to the project’s success. Read more

AI and Structured Data: How voice search raises the stakes for businesses

AI and structured data: How voice search raises the stakes for businesses

It's predicted that by 2020 50% of all search queries will come from voice. If you’re not in the knowledge graph, you won’t show up in voice search results. Read more

The importance of SSL certificates in your SEO rankings

The Importance of SSL Certificates in Your SEO Rankings

SSL certificates show visitors that they can trust your site. We explain why using one in your WordPress website will also boost your SEO ranking too. Read more

What you need to know about WordPress and SEO

What You Need to Know About WordPress and SEO

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about WordPress SEO, including content, plugins and themes. Read more. Read more